Sales 101 - "Sales Made Easy" for Others, Guide Book - Start Here! (Free)

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"Sales Made Easy" 

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EGuide Book for anyone wanting to get into sales or anyone wanting to get better at sales!

With my 20+ years of professional sales and business development experience I have learned the ins and outs, the pitfalls, and the strategies for real success in sales. 

Everyone has to learn how to sell.  

Whether you are an entrepreneur...

Or looking to sell yourself into a new job...

Or needing to learn how to persuade others on your ideas, your value, your direction...

This EGuide Book will JumpStart you in the right direction.  

Sometimes it's not what we know but actually what we don't know that could be holding us back from becoming more successful in our personal and professional lives. 

This quick overview will provide the basic steps and a basic understanding of the bigger picture of sales.  

Once you read it you should be able to understand how sales works and how you can start to apply it in your life as you learn and grow towards success and happiness.

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A "Sales Made Easy for Others" EGuide Book to Jump Start you towards Selling Anything to Anyone!

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Sales 101 - "Sales Made Easy" for Others, Guide Book - Start Here! (Free)

19 ratings
I want this!