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Strategy and System to better relationships, to company partnerships, to a job, and any relationship you need to create personally or professionally!

Seasoned Sales and Business Development professional, Writer, and Action/JumpStart artist for over 20 years.

I help fellow humans take action now by giving them the tools, strategy, and guidance they need to jump start towards the change they want and need today!  

There is a way to go after what you want, by being your authentic self.

Do you need a boost or a pick me up? 

Need some Inspiration?           

Are you stuck and need some guidance to get started?            

Are you socially or generally anxious? 

Are you an introvert?

Shy much or Scared? 

Need to change your life for the better?   

Are you a "non sales person"?   

Want to get into business or entrepreneurship but don't know where to start?  

Have an existing business you need to grow your reach and relationships through? 

Are you a new sales person or an existing sales person needing some guidance? 

Do you need a job and don't know how to go about it?  

This Jump Start Journey starts with YOU and I can help you GO now!  

Respectful, Caring, and Helpful... 

Thank you,

Tarek Hassan

Twitter: @tareknhassa

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